Can you believe that we are headed back to school in just a matter of days? This year is so different for most of us. It was time to begin organizing all of the things that I might need to do. I just started writing and came up with the ultimate back to school teacher checklist!

Some of us may already be back in the classroom. We will return for Pre-Planning today. It dawned on me that I had better get started with making decisions about what I would share with parents and on how I would kick-off my year.

My actions were stalled with all of the back and forth on how we would, when we would, and if we would begin the year. I will teach face-to-face 5 days a week. There’s not much that I can do about it, so I need to embrace it, pray, and make it happen.

Essentially, I grabbed a notebook and just began writing.

Here’s my Brain Dump of all the things:

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The Ultimate Back to School Teacher Checklist

Welcome Letter or Video

School Supplies

Academic Platforms

Parent Communication

Procedures for Entering the Classroom

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Beginning of the Year Paperwork

This is an area that we still haven’t figured out yet. Normally, parents come in for Meet the Teacher. I always ask them to sit down and complete the paperwork and turn it in before leaving. This way I can sort the paperwork and record pertinent information over the weekend. This year, we are doing a Virtual Meet the Teacher. So far, my school hasn’t decided how they will disseminate all of the important forms that we need for student information.

Honestly, the most pertinent information that I need is:

Behavior Expectations and Social Distancing

An image of a stuffed toy (a cat) holding a measuring tape with his paw as he measures the carpet.

Let’s Talk About COVID-19

We had to add this to the ultimate teacher back to school checklist. Our kids will have a lot on their hearts and minds.

Procedures for Limiting Sharing

Keeping it Clean

An image of a young girl wearing a mask and squeezing hand sanitizer into her hand.

Eating in the Classroom

Label Everything!

Classroom Library

Some school systems are now allowing teachers to have classroom libraries this year. If you are like me, books are a lifeline! We have to find some way to get books in our sweet students’ hands. If you are allowed to have a classroom library, how will you monitor and maintain it to help reduce germ spreading?

School Library Check-Out

If your school will allow students to check books out of the library, what procedures will you put in place?

Activities for Building Class Community

As you know, we are limited in these activities this year. We won’t be Scooting or Finding Somebody Who for a minute. So, let’s get creative!

Books for the Beginning of the School Year

There are way too many fabulous books for me to list on the ultimate back to school teacher checklist here, so I will create a list and share it next week. I’ll list a few important categories below.

Bonus Teacher Tips

Since we will have to wear our masks while we teach, you may be concerned about students being able to hear you. We have microphones that are connected to speakers in our ceilings. If your school does not have microphones, you can purchase a wireless microphone. Here’s one that I found on Amazon that might be helpful.

An image of a black, hands-free microphone that can be worn over the ear.
You can click on the photo to be taken to this headset. This is my Amazon Affiliate link.

Here is another microphone option that you may like. Check for compatibility for how you could use it. I noted that this one does not work with MacBooks, but it will work with desktops and iPads.

Image of a wireless headphone set that attaches over the ear.  It shows all of the components needed for the wireless set to work.  Over the ear microphone, power box that attaches to your clothing and the plugs that you will need.  The bus is a chrome gray with black wires.
You can click on the photo to view the product. I am using my Amazon Affiliate link.

Here are a few of my resources that you can use to kick off the school year. You can add these to your ultimate back to school teacher checklist. I hope that you find something that’s super helpful!

Behavior Modification Visual Cue Cards

Behavior Modification Visual Cue Cards Set 2

Dismissal Back Pack Tags

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Resources:

Uppercase Handwriting Practice

Lowercase Handwriting Practice

Sentence Writing Practice

Long Vowel Patterns

Plus many more resources that you can check out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Phew! Do we do all these things?? Yes, we do (and then some)!


Can you think of anything else to add to our ultimate back to school teacher checklist?

Leave a comment below if you have any great ideas that we should add to our list.

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